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Wildfire, Bushfire investigator Australia - analyst and wildland fire cause and determination for Australia, Europe, Asia, South Pacific region, USA, Canada. Richard Woods bushfire cause expert and wildfire consultant investigator, arson investigation, analyse forest fire analysis. Richard has also been involved in the development of National Bushfire Arson Prevention Policy. Richard has been engaged as an expert in Wildfire Investigation.

Bushfire cause expert

Wildfires have been known to be caused by a build up of dead matter that can create enough heat in some instances to spontaneously combust and ignite the surrounding area. Weather conditions can directly contribute to the occurrence of wildfires and bush fires through lightning strikes or indirectly by hot and dry conditions or drought.

Arson & wild fire investigator training consultant

Richard Woods wildfire and bushfire consultant bushfire cause expert can provide expert arson investigator training Australia and internationally. We also provide fire investigation training constulting services, International Wildfire investigator analysis and International professional fire consultants.

International wild fire consultants

We use internationally recognised qualifications and procedures to find out what caused a wildfire or bushfire.

Wildfire Investigations and Analysis Pty Ltd

International Wildfire Investigation and Training Consultants

How did the wildfire/bushfire/grassfire start?

We are an Australian based company providing professional Wildfire Investigation advice across Australia and internationally to a range of clients.

Our Investigators have had extensive training and experience in the examination of wildfire scenes and determining cause, using internationally recognised qualifications and procedures.

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Who is responsible for the ignition of the wildfire?

The question that needs to be considered, particularly when it comes to liability and cost recovery after the fire.

We provide qualified investigators with experience in Rural Fire and Policing Agencies, and are well placed to provide specialist advice regarding Wildfire Cause. They also have extensive experience in the providing advice on strategies to prevent unplanned Wildfire Ignitions.



Was this fire the fault of someone else?

A question that needs to be answered, particularly when it comes to liability and cost recovery after the fire.

Our Australian based organisation has access to qualified and experienced Fire Scene Investigators (current and former servicing Fire Service Investigators/Police Officers). All have extensive experience in Wildfire Cause Determination and the delivery of the latest internationally recognised Wildfire Cause Determination Training Courses.

bushfire cause determination

Training in Wildfire Investigation and Cause Determination

We can provide a range of training options, from Scene Preservation, Basic Wildfire Cause Determination (for First Responder Crews), through to Specialist Wildfire Cause Determination. All training is based on Internationally recognised Training Modules meeting Australian Fire Service Training Standards.

Our experience extends to the delivery of this training to Australian and International Fire and Police agencies, including North America, Asia and Europe.

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Member of the US based 'International Association of Arson Investigators'

Member of the'National Wildfire Co-ordinating Committee - Wildland Fire Investigation Subcommittee”.




International Fire analysis